Golden Days Brewfest


Raise a glass!  We had an amazing time at Ski Santa Fe's First Annual 'Golden Days Brewfest'.  With 10 Breweries on hand there was plenty of great beer flowing and quite an impressive turn out.  The event was well organized and the weather was perfect - sunny, but with a cool breeze - great hoodie temp!  Oh, and did I mention that all of this was situated in the heart of the Santa Fe Ski Basin?  At 10,000 feet?  With the aspens just beginning to turn golden and a sky so very blue I am not sure what more one could ask for from a beer event.

The New Mexican Breweries in attendance we simply AWESOME.  Dialogue Brewing was a stand-out, as normal.  With a Raspberry Sour, Berliner-wise, Belgian Single (w/ Golden Raisins), and a knock out Lager they were most certainly one of our favorites on the day.  One of our usual festival favorites, Second Street Brewery was also in attendance.  Their 'Summer Days Sour' was Kristine's favorite brew of the day and the Foreign Extra Stout was one of mine.  Boxing Bear was a big hit with their Uppercut IPA and (GABF Gold) Milk Chocolate Stout; at too was La Cumbre with the debut of their Oktoberfest.  Chili Line was back in action with their lineup of Rauchbeers and we really enjoyed a strong showing from Broken Trail Spirits + Brew(holy cow, the Moscow Mule on tap!) and Bloody Maria(hands down one of the best mixes I have had).

It worked out wonderfully that my folks could be in town from Arkansas and go to a beer event with us.  There were so many wonderful people that we met throughout the day.  Sharing a pint with a stranger, nothing in common but the love of beer, is an absolute joy.  Give it a go!

Santa Fe Ski likes their SiliPints.  These fun, colorful pint glasses made from silicone are just great for hitting the trail or shredding the hill.  At this festival they had a true rainbow of colors, I was just so inspired that I simply had to take a picture.

Kristine took one for the team - she was out DD for the day.  Picture is her enjoying her one and only pint.  Thanks Kristine for getting us all home safe!

We met some of our friends from the Ski Pajarito at the festival. They will be hosing UllrFest next week on Saturday, September 23rd!

My dad LOVES  La Cumbre !

My dad LOVES La Cumbre!

Drink the Rainbow.

Drink the Rainbow.

So very excited to be bringing you beer festival content and stay tuned for UllrFest - coming to a blog near you. 

Get out there and explore the world (of beer)!

Cheers! - Jason (@jrutled)